Tuesday Salsa Classes

Neil Massey and Jonathan at Voodoo Cafe
5th June 2015
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Tuesday Salsa Classes

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5th September 2017 @ 7:30 pm – 11:45 pm
Voodoo Cafe
Darlington, Darlington DL3 7LX
Gregory Abouna
Tuesday Salsa Classes @ Voodoo Cafe | Darlington | United Kingdom

Creole Carnival was founded by Gregory Abouna and it is all about the Caribbean spirit – fun, music and dance! Since its establishment in 2010, Creole Carnival has built up a community of people from all walks of life and of all ages, across Darlington and the North East.

Gregory Abouna is a dance instructor from Haiti. Having grown up in the Caribbean, Gregory is passionate about bringing a taste of his homeland and a love of Latin-Caribbean music to Darlington and the local community. Gregory has lived in France, Haiti, New York and Miami, after which he travelled extensively, arriving in the UK in 2002. He brings his love of music, dance and the Afro-Caribbean joy for life to his infectious, inclusive style of teaching and events. Gregory teaches mainly Cuban style salsa, with some cross-body style salsa moves thrown in! He is passionate about the Afro-Cuban roots of salsa and the melting pot of culture and history that make it such a rich and exciting form of music and dance.


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